Wooden Venetian Blinds

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Wooden Venetian blinds are simply an irresistible design choice for your windows.

With our  Choose At Home service you can select your perfect wooden blinds to match your existing home furnishings. Our experts will measure your windows and provide you with an instant quote when they visit your property. Furthermore, our buying power means that you will benefit from trade prices.

Choose At Home… Trade Prices

Venetian Blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds are a classic feature in any room. Due to their natural grain, the wood adds a welcoming warmth and elegance.

Our Venetian blinds are manufactured to the highest possible standards; the smooth grained timber comes in a range of natural wood finishes and contemporary painted finishes.

Whether you have a contemporary or traditional interior, there’s a slat size and colour to suit every interior.

Wood Blinds are stylish and versatile due to their basswood composition, and more importantly, they are very functional. Thanks to their tilting feature, Venetian blinds offer complete control in terms of privacy and light control from the outside.

With 18 fabulous wood colours to choose from, along with 21 ambient tape options, our Venetian wood blinds are sure to make an impact in any room in your home.





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